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Antique Persian Rugs – Entering the antique Persian rug world is a unique journey. Exploring this world reveals hidden histories and ancient traditions passed down for thousands of years and transported across cultures. In the antique Persian rug world, the mundane becomes the mysterious: flowers and geometric figures are imbued with deep symbolism, and colors and shape carry deep meaning…

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According to ancient traditions and beliefs, geometric figures and symbolic motifs protect the Persian rug’s owner from evil and misfortune. In the case of tribal oriental rug designs, such as geometric animals, people, and everyday objects, antique hand made Persian rugs are a classic example of art imitating life and life imitating art, as the design-rich repertoire of Persian rug weavers continues to inspire artists and designers the world over.

With innumerable Persian designs and traditions developed and maintained by weavers in any one city or cultural group, limitless permutations are possible when regional designs and minute variations in techniques and materials are melded together. The antique Oriental rugs that were woven prior to the 1920’s, from Persia, represent an unfathomable range of rug patterns and styles with an enormous breadth of influence from semi-nomadic tribes to imperial weaving traditions established by the Safavid and Moughal / Mughal empires.

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The international trade of traditional carpets and Persian oriental rugs established thousands of years ago has resulted in a fascinating interchange of designs between East and West. Although¬†antique rugs¬†are one-of-a-kind works of art and luxury design pieces that make a house feel like a comfortable home, each Persian Oriental carpet also contains a story that completes the intricate history of all rugs woven before and since. Just as a little side note, the term “Antique Persian Rugs” refers to those rugs that were made in modern day Iran so the term “Antique Iranian Rugs” is pretty much interchangeable.

In terms of universal decorative appeal, authentic Persian rugs, as far as their impact on home design, are unbeatable. These remarkable show rugs and carpets have a timeless, classical elegance that’s right at home in Western interiors. For centuries, hand woven Persian oriental rugs with their elaborate patterns have been the gold standard in traditional design. The handsome colors, lush botanical figures and tasteful embellishments are carefully balanced according to long-standing rules. Designs featured in antique Persian rugs are prized for their flawless proportions, effortless fluidity and timeless style. Ancient geometric principles that dictate form, proportion and the angles of spiraling curves are followed strictly without seeming stiff, rigid or uninspired. Even today, antique and vintage Persian carpets are prized for their durability, sumptuous textures and strong colors, but the lavish botanical designs and perfectly proportioned patterns are the true secret behind their eternal popularity and ageless elegance.

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Showing 1–32 of 873 results